#1.  Pin-ups can be of any race, sex, character, etc.

#2.  You may do a challenge at any time and post it.

#3.  You may submit anything you'd like from sketches to paintings.

#4.  When posting your image:

     • Give it a title.
     • Say a little something about your piece if you'd like.
     • Feel free to post links, your work in progress, or anything else related to your post.
     • Tag your post with your name in the label section.
          - That way we can see all of the images by a certain artist in one spot.

#5.  Please do not edit another persons post or alter the blog without permission.

#6.  Please do not include any sexual explicit content in your images.
          - Tasteful nudity is acceptable.

#7.  If you have an idea for a future challenge, let us know!  We'd love to use it.

#8. Be creative, have fun, and feel free to experiment!

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